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As a result of the increased amount of rain we’ve had this past winter, We’re having a very muggy and buggy summer, which will continue into the fall and beyond.  There are more Rats, Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Fleas, Ticks and other pests like blood-feeding vampires such as Mosquitoes and Bed Bugs.



Without the use of rodenticide poisons, we catch and remove rodents from in and around residential and commercial properties.  A very large rat can squeeze through a very small opening.  We find and seal any openings and catch and remove any rats that may have gained entry and become trapped inside.  In addition, we provide cleanup of rodent feces and, if needed and requested, we remove and replace attic insulation.

Roaches & Ants: 


Thanks to the development of baits and gels, instead of nasty poison sprays, these advances, safely placed and used, allow the ants and roaches to take the bait into their nests themselves, with virtually no toxic exposure to you, your family, and pets.


Ants and roaches are attracted to the tiny spot locations for the gels.  Being the good friends they are, they eat a little and carry the gels back to their friends who share in the feast and are poisoned along with them. 

While this method is safe for people and pets, being the peace and life loving people that we are, at times, we do feel a little guilt for the lives and love we may have spoiled.

Harmful Spiders:

From our perspective, there are two types of spiders – those that are friendly and even beneficial, and those that are harmful and dangerous.  The friendly spiders are out in the open and easily seen, whereas the dangerous ones like the Black Widows and Brown Recluses are reclusive.

The friendly spiders in our yards are easily seen, and we avoid killing them.  However, Black Widows and Brown Recluse spiders live in cracks and crevices and in lawn chairs and other places where they are not easily seen and from where they can cause serious pain and health issues.

When we take on a new regular service account, we do a thorough inspection of the structures and exterior furniture where these dangerous spiders may be lurking in cracks and crevices, and we eliminate them.

Fleas & Ticks:

While we occasionally are still called to solve a problem with fleas and/or ticks, for the most part that problem has been reduced by more than 90% as a result of in-the-pet and/or on-the-pet solutions.


Our outgoing message, in the old days, when we were Groomers Own (GO) Pest Control said, "We love people and pets and hate fleas, rats and numerous undesirables."  I vividly remember one very memorable call. 


The woman, responding to our outgoing message said, “My husband is very undesirable.  What would you charge to eliminate him?”  I went for the bait and responded, “We charge, based on the weight of a flea.  How much does your husband weigh?"  We shared a good laugh, and I booked the appointment.

Bed Bugs: 

There is no evidence that Bed Bugs are positively or negatively affected by the amount of rain.  However, being that they are blood sucking vampires of the night that live inside, on us, they may love us spending more time indoors and in our beds and less time being outside in the sun.



At the present time, we are exploring non and low-toxic solutions for dealing with these prolific, harmful and annoying pests.

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