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You Are Our Priority

We know, from experience, that if you're using the big name pest control companies, your property is probably about one in fifteen they’ll visit that day.  By contrast, we take the needed time to provide safe and effective service and not be rushing from property to property.


Each Team Manager comes from a varied and interesting life background and brings their special skills to the company.  Please meet them:

Our Five Team Leaders

richard r roller.png

Richard R. Roller

Founder / Managing Partner

I am proud of us being recognized as one of the first pest control companies in California to voluntarily discontinue the use of rodenticides.

These poisons not only kill rats, but also kill many of our furry and feathered friends who eat the poisoned rats and slowly die.  


I note that one of the shared goals within our company family is to prosper, which we believe to be a much higher concept than just profiting.  We do this by providing safe and effective personal service while minimizing harm to innocent creatures and the environment.


In addition to our Rat Man Specialty, the "Plus" in us is that we also solve most other pest problems.  We are moving in the direction of employing totally non-toxic and/or far less toxic methods of preventing and eliminating other pest problems.

Miguel Altamirano

Partner / Service Manager

A few years ago I met Miguel, and we quickly became kindred spirits.  He came from the world of the less personal corporate pest control giants.  He was pushed to service too many clients per day, rushing from job-to-job.


Being a cog in a giant corporate machine lacked the feel of working with customers who appreciated what he did on their behalf and, like me, he also recognized the harm being done by the methods used.


We met and shared a desire to prosper, while being environmentally responsible by using the safest and most effective methods of preventing and eliminating pest invaders. 


It didn’t take long before I offered Miguel a partnership in the company.  He is our service manager in charge of all work done in the field, by him, or any other team members that may be working with him.  


To discuss service, contact Miguel at: (818) 300-3775.

Gail Blair.png

Gail Blair

Customer Relations Manager

For customer relations oversight, we are fortunate to have the wonderful and wise, Gail Blair.  She is a longtime friend and colleague of mine. 

Gail has a strong administrative and business background of over 30 years as a corporate/real estate paralegal, a realtor and business owner. Her friendship with me goes back a long way, and we intend to build on our relationship on behalf of Rats Plus.


Her friendship with me drew her out of retirement.  She does a great job as our Customer Relations Manager, and makes sure we (including me) are ‘On the Ball’ in our dealings with our customer friends.


Gail is excited to be working with me and Miguel in a company where attention to the client, and environment, is the primary focus.

diane rowland.png

Diane Rowland

Bookkeeper / Finance

Diane is my Life Partner.  She shares my love of animals, especially our awesome and brilliant Australian Shepherd dog, Zoe.  We also share a desire to protect animals in nature and the environment.

Here’s a picture of Diane, with a rescued squirrel on her shoulder! She and I have rescued, befriended and released several baby squirrels and a few litters of baby raccoons.


Diane graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cal State Northridge with a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering.   She was tops in her class and became a successful engineer in a male dominated field.


After thirty-seven years of high-tech experience, troubleshooting medical devices as a Fault Isolation Engineer, she retired and turned her sharp analytical brain to managing the finances of Rats Plus and me, Richard ‘Pestman’ Roller.

stephen bittrich.png

Stephen Bittrich

(Graphics / Webmaster)

Lastly, our jack-of-all-trades, Stephen Bittrich handles marketing, graphics and this website for us.  He comes from a background in theater — playwriting and acting. 

While Stephen brings much needed and appreciated service to Rats Plus Pest Control, he also resonates with our focus on prospering as a result of providing a service that puts the protection of our shared environment in the foreground and an abundance of profit in the background.


Stephen has been a wise advisor and he's been able to provide valuable guidance to me and Miguel.


Stephen has developed websites and graphics for a wide variety of businesses from non-profits to yoga studios to doctor’s offices.  If you have a website in need improvement, or need a website to be developed for your business, I highly recommend him.


You can reach him at:

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