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Why Us anchor
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Richard R. Roller
Founding Senior Partner
and Our Founding Mascot, Angie

Here's Why Us

Before I began Rats Plus Pest Control, at a time when fleas and ticks were rampant, I owned a pet grooming and dog training business.  To end the suffering of our dog and cat friends, I formed Groomer’s Own (GO) Pest Control.

We were supported by more than 50 Los Angeles pet groomers and veterinarians.  Thanks to on the pet and in the pet treatments, the flea and tick problem has been reduced by 90%.


We are dealing with a growing Southern California rat problem, without using environmentally harmful rodenticides.  If the rat problem here is not effectively addressed, we could end up with the same out-of-control problem that New York has struggled with for years.

In addition to our Rat Specialty, we also safely and effectively deal with most other pest problems.

Our method of solving and preventing rodent invasions does not use rodenticide poisons that negatively impact the environment and our furry and feathered friends.  We are proud to be one of the first pest control companies in California to voluntarily discontinue the use of these poisons.


A slow moving poisoned rat becomes easy prey for Owls, Hawks, Eagles, and even indoor/outdoor family pets.  Animals eat the poisoned rats and get sick and die.  Instead of poison, we employ a trap-and-remove method which is not only better for other creatures, but is also more humane for the rats which die quickly.  After all, they too have their place in the full spectrum of life.


What's the "Plus" in Rats Plus?

Though we’ve earned a reputation as Rodent Specialists, we also take pride in safely solving and preventing problems with other pests, such as Harmful Spiders, Roaches, Ants, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Fleas, and Ticks.

Miguel Altamirano.png

Miguel Altamirano

Partner / Service Manager

Our team, headed by my partner and service manager, Miguel, do thorough inspections to find and seal entryways in order to make residential and commercial structures "Rodent Proof." 


In addition to structural sealing and catching and removing rats around structures, we use traps in the interior to catch and remove any rats that may have been sealed inside.


We are also in the process of researching and applying low and non-toxic methods of dealing with other pests.

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Rats Plus Supports CLAW

We are committed to donating monthly to Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (or CLAW) which works to protect and restore the environments of wildlife of Los Angeles and California from dwindling open spaces.


Their mission is to promote, educate and protect the fundamental importance of wildlife, wildlife habitats, and wildlife corridors in Los Angeles and beyond.

Check out their "Nature Cam" shots on their website for a peek into the secret lives of our animal community, moving with impressive stealth, but stopping sometimes for a quick selfie.

CLAW has been honored as the Non-Profit of the Year 2023 by the Los Angeles City Council.  If you want to learn about them and, possibly support their work, here’s the Link to do so.

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