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Dear Prospective Client,

Our company, Rats Plus Pest Control, was formerly known as Groomers Own (GO) Pest Control Since 1981.

My love for dogs led me to becoming an expert groomer, trainer and eradicator of fleas and ticks on them and in their owners homes.


Backed by referrals from hundreds of Los Angeles County Dog Groomers and Veterinarians, Groomers Own Pest Control soon became the go-to-guys for fleas and ticks. However, thankfully, science came up with pet products that, for the most part, have controlled these parasites.


Over the years of solving flea and tick problems, we became expert at dealing with other undesirables, especially rodents. Our name no longer fit, so we changed it to Rats Plus.


We have excellent references and we go to great lengths to safely & effectively eliminate and control problems with rodents and numerous other pests.



Richard Pestman Roller


Call or Email me for a Free Estimate: (877) 447-3787

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